Either you are facing a customer or you are designing a business model you must persuade someone to do something.
The persuasion has a specific graphic that can explain how it works.

In the end, persuasion isn’t scientific, it depends on wishes and dreams. If we want to convince someone we should consider that he/she isn’t so rational as a graphic or an algorithm.
It is so crazy that online and offline persuasion work very similar. It changes if there is human interaction, but the value assigned by someone to a product/service has the same motivation.

In fact, if you start pushing, at the beginning you will obtain an opposite result: your potential customer will refuse. This happens because of the normal self-defense against someone who enters our no-fly zone. But we cannot discharge this case, we should use it to identify wishes and potential attacking points: something that cares to the customer. When we find that, the route starts to get down.
Now we can begin the qualification process.

At the end of the process, the persuasion become negotiation.

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