We guess they are dominating the world. In our towns, most of the shops have been closed or they are in troubles and experts are telling everyone that e-commerce is the present and the future of our economy. They are predicting Amazon as the giant that will dominate over every transaction from books to food and goods. They are re-inventing retail.

Buying from Amazon is more straightforward, quick and safe. We can purchase powered by an impulse buy it is free from anxiety about payments, we can change idea and return the stuff and we have the assurance of the best price.
On the other hand, we are moving forward to the extreme of the concept of consumerism, where eco-friendly and community would be stapled. Those are such high minded ideals but not enough to make a change in the general conduct. Or not?

Maybe the recycle and the time we spend over this activity could be a compelling event for a new route? This is a new mindset based on a different behavior: we want a better world. And the only way is making little changes.
We can conduct the problem to the concept of “value”: which is the compelling event for a human being for action, the right move. At the end we all want to reward a wish.

We still require material goods and personal successes, but it isn’t a permanent satisfaction. Material production is only the base of our happiness. Maybe saving the planet could be a better reward. Actions that feel us in a better way are the future of our choices. Which is our best reward? Saving money, owning every stuff or keeping a little part of the world?

Most of us don’t recycle due to formal law; we do because we feel better. We satisfy our social responsibility, we try to build a better future for our children.
We have everything we need, and the satisfaction from unnecessary will decrease.

The answer is in how the human being works; we are fond of biochemical signals sent by our brain when we think we are on the way for an ancestral target.

The upper segment of the population eats tofu, salad and quinoa the others still wants hamburgers, suits and pizza. Amazon is fast food.

The “early adopters” love the discovery of something new.

Amazon will not dominate the world. People who recycle can discharge it.
Amazon will not dominate the world. People with more-spiritual needs can discharge it.
Amazon will not dominate the world. People are looking for something new.
But Amazon still has the best asset for the near future: our data! They can leverage to invent new business models.

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