We use to speak spreadly about digital transformation. In most cases we use examples to demonstrate how can affect small and medium business. A lot of people are analyzing how city centers have been changed by e-commerce: self-owned shops are closing and there isn’t a chance to compete against global companies.
But there is another face of the coin. Many activities can gain from the digital world as they can extend their customer segment without any cost.
Look at a family conducted farm, producing high-quality products. They should have great storytelling: the story of the family, generations of people who had spent their lives in that specific territory and the story of how they produce.
They need only a stick of technology to tell those great stories to the whole world. With an internet connection and some freemium platforms, they can open a window on their days showing something great to potential customers.
Telling their own story and then selling directly their products will leverage high-level margins. They’ll become the leading actor of their business.,
This is the light side of the Force.

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