The idea

Steve Jobs, in his «lost interview»   explained how an idea was born. In his conception there was the flavor of the visionary for something. That’s highly true for the Italian mid market ecosystem: in most cases is the flavor of the entrepreneur for a particular thing in a specific market that ensure the success of a company. We can look at the fashion market or at the design: the real plus is the passion for the beauty.

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The target is identifying what is compelling for the customer. The compelling event could be an external obligation (for example a law), or the perception of necessary. We need to explore both. The first is more simple if we are able to discover it. The second is, actually, very difficult. Leggi tutto “The WHY-MAP”


The map is what we need to have a clear picture of the value proposition. Not everything, just the elements that are important for the customer. Matching feature and need though benefits we can define a restricted area where we’ll put every resource.  Leggi tutto “The WHAT-MAP”