If we are establishing a Google paid search we can set some parameters and then the system will tell us how many people could be targeted.

The qualification reverse process is a roleplay that aims to understand how many customers could pay to acquire the value of our product and service. In my experience, this is a very critical point.

We set up that «who cares?» is the key question in every value proposition, and we understood that is too difficult to beat the product of a competitor improving its features. We must apply the «blue ocean strategy».

 So «who cares?» couldn’t be the result of market research. In contemporary markets, everything exists, I mean everything you can analyze. So the only reverse process we can assume is «testing our assumption». Pay attention, this doesn’t mean that we can stop “listening to the customers” or, better still, “the non-customers”. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that we should just ask them what they want. It’s a proven fact that they don’t know what they want, or at least, they don’t know how to describe it in terms that are useful for the person who is creating the proposition. Henry Ford said that if he had asked his customers what they wanted, their answer would have been “faster carriages”; nobody would have suggested inventing the automobile.

Testing a proposition is an art, and it should be done in the most rapid and inexpensive way possible, even before you have completed your model. Sometimes, simply exploring the customers’ interest is not a winning move. It’s necessary to discover what they don’t say, what they desire but is unable to express rationally.

It was like that for us. We based our work on some other success stories and, almost immediately, we saw that this was the wrong way. Then, we noticed that those who bought our products commented very positively when they came to pick up their purchase, about the fact that we were a big company with many years of experience in the sale of personal computers and relevant services.

Make mistakes soon, so you can be successful sooner. 

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