About me and the Camel

A humanistic with a great passion for technology; IT professional skill in a management career. Natural ability to think at a strategic level, never losing the big picture and reliable in processes, details and execution. Still growing with an off-work passion: historical military strategy.

Very focused on targets, often reached thanks to a 10 year trained negotiation capabilities and a more recent, but intensive, deepening in the human being and how bare reactions, typically depending from emotions, can be used to understand the next move.

Professional lover of understanding and creating business models and value propositions (example); innovative author of a methodology for designing and executing complex sales cycle proposals.

Often associated with my sports: bike races and fighting where you have to mix heart, strategy and technics without moving to rashness. Staying close to the blade, never touching it.


The Camel

Is the symbol of old economy, the Way used for millennials to sail across the desert. The image of a camel looking at a train was the metaphor of an old style businessman looking at the digital transformation. The revolution started with the introduction of the Smartphone, something that computes in every pocket is too fast be faced up with old methodologies.

So, as the need for qualifying new opportunity was changing our job, the concept of Value Proposition become The Camel Theory.

When something was wrong, we were using the image of the Camel, chewing grass and looking at a train, as a joke: the mask of obsolete processes and untouchable beliefs.