In the first post, we tried to drow a picture of a new type of consumer. Someone who is not only interesting in owning think but is looking for something different, new. An experience that is part of the journey: the discovery of a new way.
It could be new types of consumption or different things, such as exclusive or customized stuff. Probably, something without an industrial scale production could not be sold (yet) using mass-market channels.
The discussion has no end and both parts have a lot of arguments to support themselves.
But …
There is another important point: (probably) the only thing that can stop theme are taxes, laws and governments.
Only a few people know that Google invoices more advertising than RAI, but the second one employes, in Italy, more than 10000 people. We don’t have the number but Google should employ no more than 100 people and they are fighting against the governments for how many euro they must pay for their business in the country.
I did the example on Google because I don’t have any information concerning Amazon. Both of them are leading the global economy, they are in the 5 most capitalized companies in the world with billions of capital gains but they don’t pay the same amount of taxes as local corporations.
In the end, they have the best technology, the best business model and a huge gap in terms of financial competition.
Only our government can change this, just to permit equal competition.

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