We have borrowed the name from the consumer market to underline the restart of the business after the summer holidays. 

Let’s wish a happy restart and get ready for the first part of the journey: the qualification process. The purpose of the process is making a choice, as we cannot target everyone or everything: we must choose. The choice is the leader’s job. Nobody else can do it and, in modern organizations, nobody will do that if there isn’t a strong leadership in the organization.

In most sales of marketing departments, there is the belief that the more option they have more sales they will do. It could be, but the majority of business cases we have studied for the book we have got a different information: the power of a winning value proposition is in the passion, in the ability to execute and the most of all, in the ability of an organization to act as an organism. In this case, everybody will do his/her best to achieve the target, but they can have success only is there is a clear target. So the qualification process, at a strategic level, is who could be interested in our value, at the execution level, the process will identify those people in our audience.

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